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We make it easy to convert your expertise into a book.

As an expert in your field, you have a wealth of knowledge to share with an audience. Print Trail makes it easy to convert your expertise into a book. We'll handle all the design, editing and printing so you can focus on the content.
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Work with experts

We are a team of experts, here to help make sure that your book is exactly how you want it. We will advise you; however, unlike with traditional publishers, you have the final say.



You provide the content, we provide the rest

Experts for experts. You’re an expert in your field, we are experts in creating high-quality business books. We take care of the parts that are new to you.

You’ll get all the support you need to create books, sell them at events, manage inventory, store any unsold books, then ship copies to you or the event venue when you need them. 

An additional income stream

Sell your book at events and conferences, boosting engagement and creating a physical takeaway that you can offer for sale or give away as a gift. 

Sell your books online to an international audience without the cost or complexity of printing or shipping.




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