Who is Print Trail for?

Print Trail is for anyone who wants to sell printed books, brochures, reports and publications direct to end customers. Below we’ve detailed some use cases, but these are just examples – yours may be different.

Self-published authors

  • Sell direct to your readers
  • Choose either ‘print-on-demand & fulfil’ or ‘warehouse & fulfil’
  • Maximise your royalties (no royalties to retailers)
  • Complements your existing offline and online sales


  • Maximise profits by selling direct to customers from your own website
  • Own the customer relationship
  • Complete outsourcing of order processing, storage, print-on-demand and delivery
  • No more storing books, or hand-picking and packing orders
  • For warehoused stock, as stock levels reduce, you can choose to re-print the title, or switch each title to print-on-demand

Agents & agencies

  • Give added-value to your clients by allowing them to sell books and publications direct from your website, or their own website.
  • Brand your Print Trail website as yours / your client’s and use your own domain name, eg: shop.yourdomain.com
  • You can add and edit all content and products
  • Works well on all device sizes, eg: mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Own the customer relationship, gain stats on who’s buying and market to them

Websites & apps (coming soon)

  • Increase the revenue of your website or app
  • Sell printed products direct to users of your websites and apps (or your clients’)
  • Send print jobs via our API
  • Send custom print jobs, eg personalised
  • Set your own prices
  • Outsource the order processing, print-on-demand and delivery

Ready to automate your book sales, order handling and delivery?

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