We help agencies to work wonders with books


We specialise in white-label book production, allowing your agency to offer our extensive book production services under your brand name. With over 600 books published for a diverse range of clients, you’re in safe hands.

Books can be amazing for your clients’ lead generation and brand awareness.

Here’s how we help your agency to thrive with books

We help your clients’ growth

We help your clients transform their knowledge into books that establish their thought leadership and contribute to business growth.

White-Label Excellence

Our team of experts handles printing, typesetting, copyediting, cover design, ebooks, audiobooks, ghostwriting, print-on-demand, and order fulfilment.

Save time and money

Due to the volume we print, we get great print prices on book production in the UK, Europe, and beyond. And we manage the whole process.

Strengthen your value to clients

Stand apart from other agencies with our specialist skills and proven model.

A professional book can be the ultimate lead generation device


Here’s how you can create wins for your clients:

  • Your client becomes a key person of influence in their market or niche
  • Establishes Authority and Expertise: positions the author as an expert in their field, enhancing credibility and attracting potential clients who seek authoritative sources.
  • Broadens Reach: Books can reach a global audience, extending beyond traditional marketing channels and bringing in leads from untapped markets.
  • Long-term Lead Generation: Unlike short-lived marketing campaigns, a book continues to generate leads as long as it’s available and being discovered by new readers.
  • Enhances Networking Opportunities: Publishing a book opens doors to speaking engagements, seminars, and other networking events where you can promote your business and attract leads.
  • Drives Website Traffic: By including calls to action and directing readers to your website, a book can significantly increase online traffic and lead conversion.
  • Serves as a High-Value Lead Magnet: Offering a book (or chapters of it) as a free download in exchange for contact information is a powerful way to build your client’s email list and nurture leads.
  • Increases Visibility on Multiple Platforms: Leveraging platforms like Amazon can enhance your visibility, making it easier for potential clients to find and engage with your brand.
  • Provides Content for Social Media Marketing: The content of your book can be repurposed into blog posts, articles, podcasts, and social media content, creating multiple touchpoints with potential clients.
  • Builds Trust and Relatability: Sharing knowledge and experience in a book can foster a sense of trust and relatability with your client’s audience, crucial for building the brand and converting leads into clients.
  • Differentiates from Competitors: A well-crafted book can set your client apart from their competitors, showcasing their unique approach to potential clients’ problems.

Why Partner with Print Trail?


We’ve been involved in book publishing for over 12 years, producing over 600 books for clients workdwide.

So, you’re in safe hands.

Engage with all or part of a project. From the initial concept to the final product, our team of experts handles printing, typesetting, copyediting, cover design, ebooks, audiobooks, ghostwriting, print-on-demand, and order fulfilment. 

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A great deal on book printing

We also bulk print in the UK, Europe, and beyond:

  • Softback books
  • Hardback books
  • Mono & colour
  • Perfect bound & saddle-stitched
  • Reports, journals
  • Guide books
  • Training manuals
  • Photo books

Let’s make your client a bestseller


As well as helping your clients make direct sales to their customers, we also make it easy to sell their book on Amazon – and achieve bestseller status for extra brand prestige.

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Client feedback

“It is a real pleasure to work with Print Trail in producing the SCHOLAR Study Guides. Print Trail are highly professional, respond quickly to our requirements and produce high quality print on demand at a competitive price. A wonderful company to work with!”

Professor Phillip John, Senior Dean, Heriot-Watt University

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