What’s it all about?

We created Print Trail because we love books, publishing and the web. We found that for many of today’s authors and small publishers, the traditional book distribution/sales model simply wasn’t working. We decided to create an alternative.

What is Print Trail?

Print Trail is an innovative way to sell printed publications such as books, journals and reports, direct to end customers around the world.

Print Trail is a mix of e-commerce and order handling, designed to be as easy as possible for our clients. We do the hard stuff, so our authors and publishers can focus on what they do best – creating and promoting great content.

Who we are

Print trail is run by Consilience Media, a publishing and digital agency in north-east UK, in conjunction with partners across the world. We have been involved in publishing and and web development since 2001.

Print Trail combines the best of our expertise in print publishing and web marketing. We have published numerous books through our UK Book Publishing brand, for authors, companies and universities.

We are also experts in WooCommerce development, having built and maintained some of the largest WooCommerce stores, and in customising many sites with bespoke development.

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